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Upgrade your bathing experience into a molecular hydrogen spa rejuvenation.


Protium® Hydrotherapy Bubble Bath turns your average soaking experience into a transdermal hydrogen therapeutic  by giving you the ability to infuse your bath with molecular hydrogen and enjoy the benefits of Hydrogen Water Bathing.


Water is infused with 99.99% pure molecular hydrogen at a flow rate of 3.5 liters per minute deliverting micro and nano bubble hydrogen to your bath tub, hot tub, cold plunge, or other vessel of water to reach up to 2.6 ppm. As you soak in the milky bubbles, you are effectively infusing all parts of the body with our mitochondria are starving for - molecular hydrogen and oxygen.


This is a must have therapy for skincare enthusiasts at home and at the spa. Saturate your self with the healing power of the most powerful elements in nature.


Protium® Hydrotherapy Bubble Bath features a U.S. Made N117+ Proton Exchange Membrane and ultra-pure platinum coatings for superior operation and long life. 


  • The outside is 6063 aerospace grade anodized aluminum. 
  • LCD touch panel
  • 4 setting timer: 10, 20, 40, 60 minutes. 
  • Safety features:  
  • Warnings: Low water, overvoltage, overheating, machine imbalance. 
  • Tilt detection to prevent spill damage.
  • Built-in TDS (total-dissolved-solids) sensor indicator for water purity ensuring long-life of the electrolyzer components.


Easy to use and transport, good for home, outdoor, and hotel use.

How does it work?

The machine has 2 ports (inlet and outlet) on the front side. Distilled water is needed to generate hydrogen, and that is added is added seperately.

The water inlet and outlet in the front are for processing your source water which can be the normal water you use in your bath, preferably filtered, you are infusing this with molecular hydrogen and oxygen. 

The inlet receives the water for processing by immersing the inlet tube in the water source such as a bath or a bucket. You can also connect the inlet tube directly to a tap.


Protium® Hydrotherapy Bubble Bath - 3.5L


Product name: Protium® Hydrotherapy Bubble Bath
Electrolytic cell material: U.S.-Made DuPont proton membrane N117+ high-purity platinum coating.
Shell material: 6063 anodized aluminum alloy
Product size: 8" x 18" x 26"
Rated power: 700W
Rated voltage: 110V
Hydrogen purity: 99.99%
Hydrogen solubility: @2.6 ppm
Water output: 3.5 L/min
Working water temperature: 1-140° F 
Warranty period: 1 year
Water quality for H2 production: pure water/distilled water(TDS<3)

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