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  • Why is the 3rd Generation Protium® Generator Best-In-Class?
    PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) SPE (Solid Polymer Electrolyte) technology allows the use of deionized distilled water to create pure hydrogen and oxygen gas. Unlike older technology no lye or other caustic and corrosive electrolyzers are needed for operation. Our PEM SPE machines have a very long life when used with high quality pure deionized distilled water, are 100% safe and effective in consistently producing 2 liter of hydrogen gas and 1 liter of oxygen gas per minute. Protium® hydrogen machines also have a 7 error function detection system that ensures proper operation.
  • How Easy Is It to Use?
    15 minutes to unbox, set up and start. Extremely easy to use.
  • What Type of Water Do I Use?
    A high quality distilled water is recommended. A built in TDS sensor will confirm water quality. Further, the less ions in the water the better for the PEM SPE membrane. All distilled water should have a TDS (total dissolved solids) count of 0 PPM (parts per million). However, the resistance (measured in ohms) can be vastly different. The more ohms the better the distilled water. We recommend LITEWATER brand deuterium depleted water. It has 2 megaohms of resistance, which means it highly deionized and ultra-distilled, so perfect for PEM SPE technology. LITEWATER has the added benefit of being 94-97% free of deuterium, thereby the oxyhydrogen gas produced from LITEWATER will 94-97% less deuterium than other distilled water.
  • What Can I Expect From Daily Use?
    The benefits of hydrogen and oxygen inhalation are well known. We recommend you start with the blog. Additionally, lot's of great information on molecular hydrogen therapy can be accessed via the Molecular Hydrogen Institute website.
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