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The Protium® 2nd Generation Oxyhydrogen Generator is a state-of-the-art large flow output inhalation device. 

This unit features a 7 alarm function: low water / water full / overheating / over-pressure / unbalance / TDS water quality / Filter. 

Protium® uses advanced PEM/SPE PlatinumTechnology for electrolysis,  to produce 99.996% pure mulecular hydrogen + oxygen. 



Gen 2 Protium® Generator - 600 mL H2 per minute

Name Oxyhydrogen Inhalation Machine
Advantage Hydrogen & Oxygen 2 GAS /1 OUTPUT CHANNEL/
Hydrogen purity 100.00%
Flow(Per Channel) 666.66ML/Min(H2)+333.33ML/Min(O2)
Output Channel 1 *H2& O2 MIXING
Continued Service Time 8Hrs Maxium(10 Levels)
Materials Alumium Body + ABS Lid/Platinum/PEM Membrane(Dupont USA)
Warranty 1 year
Input Pure Water Deionized water (>2M) or distilled water or RO water
Water Tank Capacity 1300ml
Power 100/220V±10% 50Hz--60Hz
Power consumption 180W
Certificate Approved CE FCC
Machine Net weight 9.5kg
Machine Size 208*278*426mm
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