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The Protium® 3nd Generation Hydrogen Generator is a state-of-the-art large flow output inhalation device producing 2 liters of H2 gas continously, best used with Litewater DDW or lab grade deionized water.


There will be zero maintenance if you follow the instructions.


This unit can be used by upto two users.  The unit has three oulets, 2 outputting 1 liter per minute of hydrogen gas and one outputting 1 liter of oxygen. 


Unit is 40 lbs, on casters for easy maneuvarability. 


Comes with manual, two bubblers, hoses, cannulas for two users, & tools. From box to use in 15 minutes.


Includes 8 liters of 2 Megaohm Litewater 10 ppm deuterium depleted water  to get you started with deuterium free hydrogen inhalation.


Easy to use, but powerful output. 


For those that want rapid hydrogen saturation!

Protium® uses advanced PEM/SPE PlatinumTechnology for electrolysis,  to produce 99.996% pure mulecular hydrogen + oxygen. 

Gen 3 Protium® Generator - 2 Liters of H2 per Minute